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Color Consultant and Fine Artist

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Bolcom - Graceful Ghost Rag
Avguste Antonov (http://pianosociety.com)


Working with colors as an artist for over 20 years inspires me to start color consulting services to help people or companies select colors for their offices, homes or commercial buildings to better suit the design of architecture or personal taste.  

I am a visual artist whose artistic talents in painting and collage were discovered at very tender age at school in Taiwan.   Ever since being discovered and known as "the artist" in her class, I was encouraged by my talents and strong will to explore the possibility of expression through brushes and palette.  In 1994, in order to further my "hobby" into a career, I moved to US to pursue higher education in art and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

My Spectra Color Consulting sells in-depth understanding of color psychology and personalized colors for our clients.  My best-selling product is to effectively use of colors and to help people set the mood of their homes or offices. 

I teach them how to make the color in the hallway transit smoothly into the color in their rooms at home or of offices. This would help to define each area and elicit emotional reactions while not having the colors clash with each other.

Having knowledge in the field of psychology is helpful in understanding how colors affect one?s emotions, sway mood levels and create an ambience.


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