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Color Consultant and Fine Artist

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We  specialize in picking  color  schemes for your  kitchen,  living  room,  bedroom, bathroom  and  exterior.    You  like  red, want blue,  enjoy  green.   We coordinate.

      I am a colorist who provide color decor and design services for home, commercial buildings, both interior and exterior.  You tell me what are your favorite colors and I will coordinate them using a series of process to find the color paints that are the right tones and saturation.

Scientists believe that colors have a unique signal which can influence the neurological system and therefore impact the psychological state.  For a designer, colors are an important element in creating mood and reflecting style.  They are the single most important key to make the exterior of a building attractive. Through exterior colors we influence our neighborhood and interact with our surroundings emotionally. 

Therefore, creating living spaces and commercial buildings that are inviting, calming or energetic through color paints is a worthy design goal.   

Traveling all over the world to learn the  classical and contemporary architecture and design inspires me to offer my experience and expertise to elites who enjoy the perfection and seek harmony where they live and create. 


Spectra Color Consulting services provide color paints recommendations for commercial exterior, interior or homes.  We have experiences in creating inviting and relaxing atmosphere for shopping centers; calming and soothing environment for private clinics; energetic and thought provoking offices for corporate buildings.  We have done it successfully before, we can be there to answer your questions.


For more information on the services, please contact me at

[email protected] or call (786) 942-5798.  Thank  you.


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